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The Story of Soma

There was a time when Human-world, Heaven-world and Monster-world co-existed. This peaceful life was destroyed by the Monster-world trying to conquer the other two worlds, provoking the Great War between these factions. When the Monster-world was on the verge of the victory, surprisingly the glorious Hero Pacheon King, thanks to the power of his sword, turned over the battle outcome and led the Heaven-world to the final victory.

After the end of this cruel war, Pacheon King, decided to shatter in four pieces the powerful sword that allowed him to defeat the Monster-world. Each piece was sent as far as possible from the other. Only the Lion Sword piece was kept in the Heaven-world. With the ominous activities of Monster-world occurring, the Great Lord of Heaven-world, knowing that it was impossible to face them with the only power of his realm, felt the same heroic Pacheon King in the warrior Soma, who came in the Heaven-world from the Human-world to steal the Lion Sword piece, and gave voluntarily his powerful sword, as the last hope, to Soma. Soma, not knowing that he was the chosen one as owner of the Lion Sword piece, begins a long fight following his destiny.

Soma with this powerful sword continued fighting against the Monster-world with the help of his new friends: General Dong, one of four Heaven-world’s Generals, Ninjatoong, a thief and old friend, and Ryu Hadeung, his childhood friend. Soma and his friends, who faced many evil forces, disappeared during a brutal fight in Budran region, where the second piece of the Sacred Sword was kept. Also the two pieces of the sword were lost during the fight and human-world and monster-world turned into chaos again. After this legendary fight at Budran, Soma and the other heroes were pretended to be dead and their story became myth.

One year after the war at Budran, the disciples of Macheonru, who was supposed to be killed by the Five Mythological Heroes, reincarnated and started to threaten the human-world again. Divided into two large powers, the continent, the source of human life, was completely annihilated by war. In the western part of the continent, the disciples of Macheonru tried to rule all the three worlds starting from domination of human-world and strengthening their power by occupying more territories.

In the eastern part of the continent, people gathered together under the name of the Continental Alliance Army with General Lion Kahn as their leader in search of peace, avoiding from brutality of monster-world and those against the monster-world. The Continental Alliance Army is a selected military group with the goal to eliminate monster-world and to extend its power.

Former mercenaries, who fought against monster-world as a minor power but were abandoned by people due to casualties, gathered together and formed a group of thieves with Mangjong as a leader, looting around. Also, all the people worshipping Soma gathered at an island called Wow Island, taking the name of ‘Evils of Wow Island’. For this reason, they are known as wicked ones to public. These minorities do not have a concept of good or bad and have hostile relationship not only with monster-world but also with the Continental Alliance Army. Starting from the hometown of Soma, Thousand Year Tree Town, the waiting for new heroes is constantly growing...

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