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How to get Soma and links

The official Myth of Soma website is a good place to look for more information of payment details, accounts and FAQ’s.

Official Soma Website

The Myth of Soma has an official Forum. Where players go to post threads about ideas and new things they have found out about the game. This is a good place to learn more about new events, guilds, crafting, getting to know players and many more things…

Soma Forum

To be able to play the game you will have to download the clients. These clients many take some time to download with a 56K modem. It is best if you find a good download manager so when your connection gets cut off you can resume downloading from the point where you were cut off. If you have Broadband or any other high speed Internet connection you will have no problem downloading these files.

Client Downloads

After you have downloaded the clients you will need to download the new patches. You can’t play Soma unless you download these patches. They are to iron out problems in the game. The patches are only about 1MB in size so they take just a few minutes to download. In most chases you won’t need to download them from the site. You are asked to download them when you load up the game. The connection box will appear and ask you to download them. If not click on this link…

Patch Downloads

All games have a manual Soma is no exception to this. The manual has lots of information about how to play and set up the game. I recommend that you download the manual it comes in very handy to check what stats are required for each type of armour and skill requirements for weapons. You will know what I mean if u play the game.

Soma Manual

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